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Δευτέρα 9 Μαΐου 2011

Airsoft Custom Guns

Epowersports Custom Gun: Nina SR-16 M4

Gun Specs

- 550 FPS!
- ROF: Good
- 7 lbs. 8 oz.
- 38 inches long
- .28 BBs recommended
- GB Tech SR-15 Front End
- 7mm Custom Gearbox
- G&G Steel Trigger
- G&P Grip w/ Vent Plate
- G&P M16A2 Stock
- Guarder Mil Dot Scope
- Full Internal Wiring
Price: $1599.00

Nina was built to be a lightweight sniper rifle that combines a good rate of fire with 550 fps ... comes w/ a 190rd magazine and a 4x32 R/G Illumination Guarder Mil Dot Scope.Site

Κυριακή 8 Μαΐου 2011

New Prototypes & Airsoft News from the JAG Precision Booth - Shot Show 2011

Introducing (Sort of) a new Airsoft submachine gun, the new Echo1 GAT (General Assault Tool) in an "auto-electric" platform (it's an AEG, Snickle-Boop).

After you check out this next bit of somewhat-old news and then take into consideration the other guns I've already discussed here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog that were on display at the JAG Precision/Echo1/MadBull/SOCOM Gear Shot Show 2011 booth, it's reasonable to understand why they are definitely in the running for the best Airsoft Shot Show booth this year.  When I say, "best," I'm speaking in terms of not only the NUMBER of new guns to be released in the short-term** future, but also the impressive variety of new models they'll be producing.  Some of these models were previously not in existence on the Airsoft market.

**Short-term in the tax & accounting world generally refers to a period of time less than one year, and that is what I "mean it to mean" (yes, I just said that) in this context as well.

That's a chrome'd-out Echo1 prototype (final version will likely be black, not chromo) of a new Airsoft support weapon that they've yet to assign a model name. Now, just between you and me (and the world), that looks an awful lot like an Airsoft replica of the Knights Armament Co. (KAC) LMG(which, for all my noobz out there, stands for "light machine gun"). Aside from KAC being perhaps one of my favorite manufacturers of real guns, I'm seeing some things in this picture that I like. Number one:it's going to be well-made, inside and out, no doubt and, therefore, makes me want to shout.  Secondly, that pistol grip looks super similar to the standard M4 grip that we all know and love. Also, that stock looks like it slides over a buffer tube. Both of these things tell me that there are some customizable grip and stock options for this gun to suit your ergonomical needs or vanity preferences. I'm pretty particular about the grips I use on my guns because of the shear size of my hulking gorilla hands.  I rarely leave the original grip on my guns, assuming the original grip is replaceable. 
hese will be licensed gas blowback pistols and the Kel-Tec will be produced by SOCOM Gear. While nobody specified who the manufacturer will be for the Lonewolf model, I'll give you two guesses as to who it will likely be.  You might notice that the Lonewolf model looks awfully similar to a Glock (slide, finger molds on the grip, plus the gas magazine), and has hints of a 1911 (note the dovetail grip).  Well, that's cuz it's a sort of hybrid between the two, designed to bring the best of both worlds into one complete and awesome gun.  These items are still in the early phases of development, so don't expect them out in March or anything.  I would think maybe an end-of-2011 release date might be more realistic.  I tried confirming all this last night with Brian (aka Rick) Holt at Echo1 via text messages, but he didn't respond even though it was only one o'clock in the morning!!! What a bum (Brian, I'm kidding. Sorry for texting you at such a preposterous hour). 

Normally I save the best for last, but I love so much of what the JAG booth had on display, that it's kind of ALL the best. 

Officially Licensed Surefire Suppressors by MadBull!?!?
While they only had three on display, MadBull will actually have the five (5) options available, varying by length, as pictured below.

As you can see, options for the Surefire Suppressors from MadBull include:
5" Mini Suppressor
6" Suppressor
6.72" Suppressor
7.5" Suppressor and
9" Suppressor

Just saying the phrase, "I REALLLY want one of each of these new MadBull suppressors!!!" is such an understatement that I'm not going to bother even saying it.  Just assume that they're all I can think about night or day, and that I'm starting to lose my appetite over the thought of living without them in my life.  

If you're wondering what the "+ COMP" part of the descriptions to the right refers to, I'll tell you: Each suppressor comes with a special CNC'd aluminum flash hider required to attach these sexy cans to your favorite AEG.  OR, if you have an UGLY and/or not-so-favorite AEG, these MadBull Surefire Suppressors may be an even better suited for that, as they will allow you to enhance your ugly AEG's appearance.

The process of using the MadBull Surefire Suppressors to make your unattractive Airsoft Gun look more appealing is essentially what's referred to as "dressing up or polishing a turd."  Either or.  FYI.
If you're wondering what the "+ COMP" part of the descriptions to the right refers to, I'll tell you: Each suppressor comes with a special CNC'd aluminum flash hider required to attach these sexy cans to your favorite AEG.  OR, if you have an UGLY and/or not-so-favorite AEG, these MadBull Surefire Suppressors may be an even better suited for that, as they will allow you to enhance your ugly AEG's appearance.

The process of using the MadBull Surefire Suppressors to make your unattractive Airsoft Gun look more appealing is essentially what's referred to as "dressing up or polishing a turd."  Either or.  FYI.

Don't thank me, thank MadBull.

Well...Enter the Robinson Arms XCR Airsoft AEG by Echo1 USA.
By now, I'll admit, you're probably already at least somewhat aware thatEcho1 is producing this gun, but I don't care.  I am going to talk about it anyway.

There are a couple new features to this gun that set it apart from the typical AEG.

Number one: it's officially licensed and, therefore, a legal copy.

Echo1 likes to play by the rules.  You should too and call your hits.

Number two: the XCR uses a new split gearbox design, similar in concept to the ICS gearboxes you might be familiar with, allowing all you Airsoft techs and tinkerers out there more flexibility when you're upgrading or tuning this gun to your heart's content.  Brian demonstrated just how easy it is to access the gearbox and separate the two pieces while we were taking a break from busting tangos two weekends ago at one of our local fields.  I was definitely impressed by the design and how easy it was to get access not only to the gearbox, butinside it as well (which reminds me of my first time)

This particular Echo1 XCR AEG model features the retractable Magpul PTS Compact-Type Restricted (CTR) stock.

Not pictured, but included is a PEQ box of some sort to allow one to connect the ever-important AEG battery pack so that you can actually shoot and play with your gun, rather than just stare at in your parent's basement whilst you start flame wars on your favorite Airsoft forums via the interwebz.  

Echo1 will also offer a folding stock version with a little bit shorter front end to it. I was able to snap a few shots of Brian eliminating some OPFOR at last week's Desert Fox MOUT game with his ultra sleek prototype combo: the Robinson Arms XCR AEG prototype by Echo1 with the Surefire Suppressor prototype by MadBull attached. 

I believe the MadBull suppressors are either now available for sale or will be soon.

Below is a gallery of my remaining shots from the EPIC JAG Precision booth at Shot Show 2011, including a few shots of the Robinson Arms XCR AEG by Echo1 that I took at the Desert Fox game just for good measure. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view in a new browser tab or window. Due to atrocious indoor lighting conditions and my lack of ability to compensate for that on a $2000 camera/lens setup (all Canon, by the way.  FTW) led to some poor/FAIL shots at the JAG booth. It was also my first booth of the entire Shot Show, so I hadn't quite got into my groove yet either. Pathetic excuses aside, the photos do these guns absolutely no justice. You'll need to see them in person to be a believer like me. Try to enjoy them anyway though. There are children starving in third-world countries. 

Σάββατο 7 Μαΐου 2011

WE Custom Full Metal "5.1 Expert" Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback - (Black / Stainless)

WE Custom Full Metal "5.1 Expert" Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback - (Black / Stainless)

The WE HI-CAPA Full Metal "5.1 Expert" features custom aggressive slide serrations, lower accessory rail, and skeletonized HI-CAPA hammer, and trigger. All of the internal components are WE / Tokyo Marui compatible so the list of potential upgrades is practically endless. Great accuracy, power, durability and performance!

Dimension: 220mm x 155mm
Weight: 1115g
Gas Type: Green gas, red gas, propane adapter
Ammo Type: 0.20g or 0.25g. Matrix & compatible high grade bb recommended for best performance
Muzzle Velocity: 300~350 FPS
Magazine: 30+1 (6mm Airsoft BBs).
Spare magazines available here at!

Firing Mode: Semi Automatic.
System: Gas Blowback.
Package Includes: Gun, Orange Tip, Magazine and Manual.

Manufacturer: WE-Tech / Newest Version

Features :
- Full Metal, Railed Slide and Frame for accessory attachments.
- Skeletonized Hammer, and Trigger for a faster response
- High Impact Polymer Grip
- Genuine Hi-CAPA system: Thousands of parts and upgrade accessories available
- Takes high pressure gas.
- Aluminum heavy weight metal slide for superior realism
- Newest blowback unit / bucking for most updated technology and design.
- Textured magazine release and thumb safety with beaver tail
- Built in Military style low profile rear and front sigh

 Metal reinforced outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring guide rod, on frame safety, slide stop, hammer and trigger

Why buy a WE HI-CAPA? It is realistic, super durable and reinforced with upgraded parts! WE-Tech Gas guns are one of the most heavy duty gas guns on the market. It is perfect for those that want a heavy weight gas gun that is all metal and takes very strong gas without worrying about support. (We carry tons of parts for it in the event the gun needs maintenance.)

*GBB 101: It is a good idea to let your magazine return to regular temperature before using it again for optimized performance. We recommend spare magazines for best performance on all GBB's.

UMAREX USA has some new treats coming out this year and one of those things is the new VFC G36 Gas Blowback series.
I have to imagine that with a name like VFC on the gun, it's safe to assume their new G36 GBBR is going to shine like a superstar. I'm such a fan of VFC rifles I could toot with excitement.

I will be honestly with you, I'm generally an AEG fan these days (with the exception of the newPolarStar Fusion Engine), but I'd definitely be interested in seeing what VFC can do with a gas system. I already know they dominate in the AEG market.

So I did two things to get information for this blog...NUMBER ONE : I attended this year's Shot Show 2011 back in January. Some of you may already be aware of this. While there, you can probably guess what I did?

Yup. Took some pictures of cool guns, like the Ares G36C & what I'm betting is an MP5 A5 TAC Electric Blowback AEG made by the great Guay Guay Trading, Co., aka G&G Armament. I will post them in a second.

NUMBER TWO: I spoke with a Southern gentlemen who goes by the name of Cliff at Umarex USA a few weeks ago. No really...he's not only Southern, (Umarex's USA headquarters being based out of Arkansas) but he's also a gentleman. Super nice guy who gave me a couple tidbits of info that some of you might be interested in hearing about.

First, just a couple photos that I wanted to introduce to those who aren't already aware. Pyramyd Aircarries a line of Airsoft guns from Umarex that are affectionately referred to as the Elite series. They're not so 1337 that only uber black ops clandestine shadow operators with mighty tactical beards can own one, but they are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, which does tend to limit the number of people who end up purchasing these fine specimens of Airsoft craftsmanship. However, in my experience thus far with the Umarex Elite Force series AEGs, I can honestly, with no B.S. or hanky panky involved, tell you that the VFC Elite Series from Umarex are TOTALLY worth the money. For reals.

One of my all-time favorite AEGs is the VFC HK416 CQB Elite from Umarex.  If you haven't seen my review of it, then you haven't been NEARLY nosy enough around the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog then.  Get on it!

Seriously.  If you're looking for an M4ish-style assault rifle that doesn't suck at all, the VFC HK416 CQB is an excellent choice.  Other excellent "M4ish" choices in Umarex's VFC rifle department include these two gems: The Elite Force 4CR and the K-PDW AEG.
All three of these rifles that I just now mentioned are going to be great options for CQB or even longer range engagements if you know how to tune them properly. If you don't, just ask and I'll pretend to know the answer. Just kidding. I know the answer because I read Wikipedia on a daily basis.

Alright, so real briefly, since I don't have any photos to show you on this, I'll tell you that you can expect to see some new Berettas coming out, licensed through Umarex of course.  I tried to bribe Cliff over at Umarex with a mint Julip in exchange for releasing the name of the manufacturer responsible for producing these new Berettas, but unfortunately for those of us dying to know, Cliff's morale compass is pretty squared away and he remained tight-lipped on the matter.   While I couldn't get him to confirm this either, I wouldn't be surprised to see additional items coming out that VFC put their magic touch on as well.  So keep your eyes peeled and your oranges open.  Or vice versa.  I don't know.  Either way, I'm looking forward to the new guns that Umarex has in the works to release and quite frankly, if you enjoy purchasing guns that not only work, but work very well, then you should be excited too.  If you just like the guns that look cool but fall apart real easily and don't shoot very accurately, then don't worry about the Umarex Elite Series.  Those guns are for winners.

Please excuse my extended silence on the blog.  I was fortunate enough to attend John Lu's Operation: Red Storm in Whittier, California last weekend, but didn't get the green light until last minute and had a lot of work to do to get ready for an entire weekend of Airsoft, camping, Airsoft, and rain.  I hate camping, but I sure do love playing some high-end Airsoft games like Red Storm.  It was my first John Lu event and I have to say that overall, he did not disappoint.  I hope to have my full AAR with awesome photos up shortly.