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Σάββατο, 7 Μαΐου 2011

Over these past few years, soldiers need to install a rail hand guard on their rifles for mounting all kinds of accessories.
Full accessories started out as a military training simulation help soldiers to prepare for different missions accomplishment.
Soldiers seem to be carrying same mountings and accessories in the same position to each mission and occasion.
Not only making the rifle looks heavy, also overloaded and too general.

Firearms training nowadays is going back to simplicity - Magpul accessories mount on a M4A1.
This great modification will speed up the reflection processes and reduce the time taken to reload magazines.
Soldiers will be very effective to prepare their technical and tactical skills of firing from the real time missions.

We would like to announce that new DeepFire MOE AEGs will be available in 4 colors with total 36 items.
This new AEG line provides the same high quality DeepFire parts and components and stable performance to Airsoft players.
Mounting the Magpul accessories may help players to be more effective on shooting and more energetic in the whole game.

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